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What is WAF?

Web Application Firewall (WAF), the function of WAF is to protect website applications or APIs from being hacked or maliciously attacked by the Internet, to avoid data leakage and tampering of web pages, and to ensure website security. A WAF works by monitoring web traffic and filtering out malicious, suspicious, or virus-bearing traffic, allowing only regular and safe traffic to enter a website. WAF analyzes and compares network threats such as viruses and malware and strengthens defense against DDoS attacks, SQL injection, XML injection, XSS, and other application layers (Layer 7) intrusions.

The differences between WAF and Firewall

Both WAFs and firewalls concentrate on different OSI model layers.

A firewall is focused on network and transport layers. It’s only up to the fourth layer of the network architecture – the transport OSI 4 layer. It cannot analyze HTTP and website applications such as HTML, SQL, etc. However, with the advancement of technology, hackers can easily invade the vulnerabilities of website applications and attack the seventh layer of the application layer (OSI 7 layer). The Firewalls cannot effectively defend against attacks at the application layer.

The differences between WAF and Firewall - Both WAFs and firewalls concentrate on different OSI model layers | YuanJhen Blog

Protect against different threats

A firewall mainly prevents an attack from unauthorized permission, denial, or access to the network. Otherwise, WAF protects HTTP/HTTPS applications and servers, such as SQL injection attacks, DDoS attacks, and cross-site scripting (XSS).

How does a WAF work to defend against DDoS attacks?

WAF is a firewall in front of the website. It analyzes and filters all traffic before accessing and requesting to enter the website and excludes malicious and suspicious traffic or any unauthorized data. It works on specific rules as policies that can enable WAF and help determine the safety of traffic to secure the web application and server against attacks.

How does a WAF work to defend against DDoS attacks | YuanJhen Blog

Why does every website need WAF?

We understand that a firewall is not enough to protect the website effectively, and a big website is not only a target of hackers. More than you might think, your website isn’t a target of hackers. Hackers are trying to steal social media accounts and credit card information in just one shot from a small website with just a few thousand traffic per month or less. It may cause lost revenue from the business, leaked and lost sensitive information, and customers to feel less confident when accessing your site.

WAF and other information security services improve websites security

Vulnerability Scanner

Detects vulnerabilities in applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Allows you to prioritize high-risk issues and improve security maintenance.

Website Malware and Network Intrusion Scanner

Can automatically scan websites, detect website data vulnerabilities, remove malware and virus threats, and increase the website’s reputation with the Trust Seal will be displayed on the website.

SSL certificate

protect the transmission security of website data on the Internet, encrypt the content transmitted between the website and the server or between the website and the user, and ensure the integrity of information and website identification.

Malware Scanner

Detect over 4,000 known malicious website programs, detect open source program versions, compare the destructive code, and list the suspicious files for the user to refer to.

Cloud AI-WAF

Yuan Jhen Cloud AI-WAF is voted number one WAF work on logic-based detection engine and machine learning AI of Asia-Pacific. Cloud AI-WAF has a higher true positive rate and a lower false positive rate. It can identify unknown threats or new attack modes by analyzing attack characteristics! Cloud AI-WAF security strategy can quickly set up and provide a visual dashboard, and all data is performed. Yuan Jhen Cloud AI-WAF is quickly set up and assists customers immediately!

Cloud AI-WAF function

  • Protect your website from OWASP Top 10 Risks
  • Reduced false positive rate through heuristic and semantic traffic analysis
  • Identify unknown threats or new attack patterns through attack signature analysis
  • Defense against known/unknown (zero-day attacks) and application layer (HTTP) DDoS attacks
  • Effectively prevent sensitive data leakage (Luhn: ISO/IEC7812)

Cloud AI-WAF Features

  • Changes to existing architecture are minimized
  • Preset security policies for quick security settings
  • Visualized centralized dashboards present protection data instantly
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use graphical management console
  • Can quickly set up ten detection rules can be further fine-tuned to create custom security policies
  • Improve website security management efficiency

How to purchase a Cloud AI-WAF?

You can purchase Cloud AI-WAF Website Application Firewall directly through the WAF Consultation Service Form. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at this email: sales@twnoc.net or fill in the inquiry form.