free malware scanner to scan website security

What is free malware scanner? You may have several questions about cyber security. Have you ever heard about malware scanner? What are its functions? Is it practical to protect your website? We will answer your questions below.

Cyber threats are rising. Hackers may invade the host through loopholes you have not found, especially that malicious software designed for websites. To prevent your website from being attacked, please take safety measures! At this time, your website at least has basic cyber security, whether it’s free or paid, to protect your website against overwhelming cyber attacks. So are you looking for a virus removal service? Yuan Jhen web hosting plans include this service in your order.

How much does a malware scanner cost?

Malware Scanner is free. When you purchase Yuan Jhen’s web hosting plans, it also provides a free Linux malware scanner. How about WordPress Hosting plans? Of course, it also includes a malware scanner for the WordPress website.

4 functions of malware scanner

1. Free malware scanner compare more than 4000 known malicious website programs

It compares with available antivirus software; this scanning mechanism can scan malicious software specially designed for website applications, such as Web shell/PHP Exploit.

2. Can detect open source program version

It can detect whether the version of the current mainstream open source programs such as WordPress, Joomla, and other website software has expired, and it also can detect the plug-in version installed in programs such as WordPress.

3. Compare dangerous code

It can compare the possible dangerous code from the user’s host computer and list the suspicious program file for the user’s reference.

4. Can be used with other general antivirus software detection

The local scanning method will be combined with antivirus software to detect general virus files to give you the most comprehensive information security protection.

4 functions of malware scanner | YuanJhen Blog

How to run a malware scanner?

After ordering a web hosting plan from Yuan Jhen, you can log in to the scanning function from the cPanel console, then click Scan to let the malware scanner run. After clicking Scan, the system will start to schedule a background scan automatically. You will receive an email (cPanel registered email) with the scanning report when you finish the scanning. The interpretation example of the email you received is as follows:

  1. known exploit = ​​known harmful program
  2. Script version check [OLD] = detected old version of open source programs
  3. Suspicious image file type(hidden script file) = Suspicious image file (with code inside)
  4. Regular expression match = alerts you to detect code that needs attention
  5. ClamAV detected virus = virus
  6. Symlink to = hyperlink

So easy, one step can strengthen your website security and build custom trust when surfing your website.