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What Are FAQ WordPress Plugins?

Many sites are powered by WordPress, from complex portals to blogs and enterprise websites, thanks to its joint flexibility and ease of use. WordPress gives standard functionality to any user to set up a website with no stress or delay. However, after completing a website, another issue that will be your primary concern is answering questions. Running a website takes work; many customers have questions before making an online purchase.

The problem is that if your websites do not provide these answers, your customers might look elsewhere. As a result, you are losing potential customers, which is unsuitable for business. However, loyal customers would reach out to you directly if they need help finding what they are looking for on your website. Although it is good to see that many people are interested in your products, responding to each question is time-consuming and can affect your productivity. FAQ pages are highly effective; they provide instant information to your customers’ questions, help to build trust, save time, and improve your search rankings.

This is why you need to invest in one of the many WordPress FAQ plugins that best suit your business. A WordPress FAQ plugin is a plugin that enables you to add frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers to to a web page. But then, choosing the most appropriate WordPress FAQ plugin can be challenging, thanks to the multiple options available. To make things easier, we have compiled the top 10 FAQ WordPress plugins for you, with their benefits, so you can make better-informed decisions. Let’s dive right in!

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Top 10 FAQ WordPress Plugins and Their Benefits

1. Arconix FAQ

Arconix FAQ for FAQ WordPress Plugin|YuanJhen blog

Arconix FAQ is a relatively simple WordPress FAQ plugin that helps create simple FAQ pages. More importantly, this FAQ plugin is that it is free. You can add frequently asked questions on your WordPress site by including a short code in your content or using a widget.

One major difference between this FAQ plugin and others is how your FAQ questions appear on your site for users. Besides displaying them front and center for all to see, you can also show or hide them via an animated jQuery toggle or accordion box. This helps you save whitespace, ensures easy accessibility, and improves user experience.

Top Features of Arconix FAQ Plugin

  • It has a translation for those with an international target audience.

  • It enables filtering for users to find answers to their questions quickly.

  • Easy customization, allowing you to modify the style of text, borders, and background colors.

  • It supports Visual Composer page builder.

  • Free to use.

2. Quick and Easy FAQs

Quick and Easy FAQs for FAQ WordPress plugins|YuanJhen blog

Quick and Easy FAQs is a free plugin obtainable from the WordPress repository. It creates custom post types for all your FAQs. They can then be showcased by filterable or sorted by date or title.

Quick and Easy FAQs also come with a simple and easy-to-customize default style. You can also easily add CSS to override this style if it doesn’t suit your preferences. This will make the FAQ section look more cohesive to your website. You can customize your design, font, color, and more to complement your theme. It is straightforward to use and allows you to list FAQs, separate them, and even enable a toggle action for easy visibility.

Top Features of Quick and Easy FAQs Plugin

  • It has a translation for those with an international target audience.

  • It enables filtering for users to find answers to their questions quickly.

  • Easy customization, allowing you to modify the style of text, borders, and background colors.

  • It supports Visual Composer page builder.

  • Free to use.

3. Heroic WordPress FAQs

Heroic WordPress FAQS for FAQ WordPress Plugin|YuanJhen blog

Heroic WordPress FAQ is another easy-to-use WordPress FAQ Plugin featuring a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to include and arrange the FAQs on your page. This plugin will enable you to use the simple FAQ editor to customize whatever you want. Also, it doesn’t require any coding. You can add backquotes, lists, videos, images, and more. The Heroic WordPress FAQ is considerably cheap. The plugin is $49 for one site and comes with premium support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Top Features of Heroic WordPress FAQs Plugin

  • It has pre-defined FAQ styles.

  • It also has Css3 animations

  • It includes custom FAQ ordering.

  • It has a readily available translation for foreign users.

  • Easy to use and customize.

  • Mobile-friendliness.

4. WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager for WordPress FAQ plugin|YuanJhen blog

WooCommerce Product FAQ manager is a high-quality premium WordPress FAQ plugin. It is affordable and gives you all the features you need to answer customers’ questions and convince them to patronize your business. In addition, it features plug-and-play functionality that allows you to get started with your FAQs page. Also, you can enable the animated live FAQ search option for people to find answers instantly to a long list of questions.

Top Features of WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager Plugin

  • It has an easy-to-use plugin panel that allows you to manage your FAQs in one convenient place.

  • It includes a dedicated FAQ tab for each WooCommerce product.

  • It has quick and bulk editing options.

  • It also has six pre-defined themes for creating a branded FAQ section that correlates with your site.

  • There is a translation ready for your global audience.

5. FAQ by 10Web

FAQ by 10Web for FAQ WordPress Plugin|YuanJhen blog

One implication of self-serve customer support is that it can take time to determine whether your answers are adequate. However, the FAQ by 10Web offers features that can assist with this issue. You can include a feedback Call to Action (CTA) at the end of each question. This will allow users to rate the helpfulness of your FAQ section.

You can also provide a comment section for users to leave responses to questions and answers. In addition, it has a convenient search box that makes your page more user-friendly.

Top Features of the FAQ by 10Web Plugin

  • It gives a clean, organized, and modern typography FAQ list.

  • You can view counts to keep watch on engagement and commonly asked questions.

  • It enables both tablet and mobile views to ensure seamless responsiveness on all devices.

  • It includes a rating system where users can click either yes/no to know whether the answer was helpful.

  • It features social sharing, allowing users to share your content and bring more traffic to your site.

  • It has a free version with limited functionalities.

6. Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ for FAQ WordPress Plugin|YuanJhen blog

Accordion FAQ WordPress plugin is an inexpensive and handy WordPress plugin that allows you to create a unique and easy-to-read FAQ page for your site. This plugin features a drag-and-drop interface to reorder FAQs and categories to meet your needs or preferences.

The Accordion FAQ WordPress plugin is easy to customize, allowing you to choose your preferred color, font size, icons, radius, border, etc. You can also create a special section of your website that people can easily find, so they can later convert.

The major difference between this WordPress FAQ plugin and others is that it doesn’t only allow you to design FAQs and accordions; it also makes tabs, knowledgebase, tab content, and WooCommerce FAQ tabs.

Top Features of Accordion FAQ Plugin

  • It has a readily available translation for a global audience.

  • It has hover functionality that helps users to scan through long FAQ sections.

  • It incorporates FAQ lists with shortcodes

  • It also includes customer support for product features, setup, and bug fixes.

  • Easy customization.

7. Ultimate FAQ

Accordion FAQ for WordPress|YuanJhen blog

The Ultimate FAQ offers multiple functionalities, both on its free and premium versions. It is well-designed FAQ plugin for WordPress that enables you to feature FAQs on any website page using shortcodes. The plugin allows you to list as many FAQs as you want alongside unlimited tags and categories to help you sort them. It also consists of a Gutenberg block for easy implementation.

This Ultimate WordPress FAQ plugin is easy to customize and, more importantly, supports translation and bulk question-and-answer imports from Excel.

Top Features of Ultimate FAQ Plugin

  • You can use the Ultimate FAQ plugin to create unlimited questions and answers.

  • It includes a sorting and ordering feature.

  • It also features shortcode implementation.

  • It has a bulk import function that helps you to save a lot of time if you are migrating to WordPress or running a busy store.

8. Helpie FAQ

Helpie FAQ for WordPress FAQ Plugin|YuanJhen blog

Helpie FAQ is an advanced FAQ plugin that allows you to design attention-grabbing questions and answers sections on your WordPress site. You can create multiple FAQ sections and embed them anywhere on your site using shortcodes. More excitingly, you can use the shortcode on your Elementor page builder.

However, if you use the default Gutenberg page builder, you will have the shortcode block to display the FAQ. Although Helpie FAQ is free, it has a premium version plugin that costs $28.99 for a single site license.

Top Features of Helpie FAQ Plugin

  • Helpie FAQ features light and dark themes.

  • It supports shortcode page placement.

  • It displays FAQs based on categories.

  • It adds FAQ schema.

  • It supports ELementor and Gutenberg blocks.

  • It is fully responsive and SEO-friendly.

9. Knowledge Base Plugin for Documents and FAQs

Knowledge Base Plugin for Documents and FAQs for WordPress FAQ plugin

Knowledge Base Plugin For Documentation And FAQ is a professional, intuitive, and SEO-friendly FAQ plugin for WordPress. Trusted by several WordPress site administrators, this plugin organizes FAQs by service, team, or product using a tabs layout that appears native and clean to your website without any extra coding. You can customize this plugin within minutes with the setup wizard. This plugin also includes a customer-friendly and responsive support team.

Top Features of Knowledge Base Plugin for Documents and FAQs

  • It features a setup wizard for easy customization.

  • You can incorporate downloadable documents to share user guides and other important information.

  • It allows you to style your knowledge base with pre-built themes.

  • It organizes support documents by service, team, or product.

  • It is completely free.

  • Amazing customer support team.

  • It features a search functionality that allows your site visitors to search FAQs and documents to find exactly what they need.

10. Yoast SEO FAQ Block

Yoast SEO FAQ block for WordPress FAQ plugin|YuanJhen blog

The Yoast SEO FAQ Block allows you to easily add the FAQ section to your page and post without the stress of installing an additional FAQ plugin to your WordPress. One exciting thing about this plugin is that it automatically adds FAQ structured data for better indexing.

Although Yoast SEO wasn’t originally built to add frequently asked questions and answers, it is strongly recommended for site owners who only need to add a small FAQ section to their site. Also, the Yoast SEO FAQ plugin is completely free.

Top Features of the Yoast SEO FAQ Plugin

  • It features a custom sorting option.

  • Supports easy customization, allowing you to change design, font styles, and colors to match your site’s overall strategy.

  • It allows you to add images to your FAQ section.

  • You need no coding skills to use this FAQ plugin.

  • It has rich snippets for the FAQ page on Google.

  • Easy to use and customize.

  • It is completely free.

Conclusion of FAQ plugin for WordPress

Including an FAQ section is beneficial if you run an online business. It can be very stressful and time-consuming to answer every customer’s questions. However, if you leave these questions unanswered, you may struggle with customer retention and, ultimately, lose out on sales. Thankfully, with a FAQ section on your website, you can answer most of these questions automatically, saving you time and valuable energy.

With many options available, you must identify the FAQ WordPress plugins that best suit your business objectives and personal preferences. This is why we have narrowed your options to the top 10 plugins, including the top features. Do you have further questions? Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section – we’ll be glad to hear from you!

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