6 Benefits of WordPress Best Affordable Website Builder

WordPress is a free open-source content management system and provides various plug-ins (Plug-In) and themes for free. WordPress not only provides a low-cost website construction environment, users who don’t know any things about code can also build a website on their own through WordPress. WordPress is recommended as the best website builder for brand e-commerce websites and low-budget websites!

* This article mainly introduces WordPress.org.

Benefits of building your WordPress website

1. WordPress is an affordable website builder

WordPress is a free open source website creation platform that provides a variety of free plug-ins and themes.

WordPress not only provides an affordable website construction environment, but it is also suitable for users who don’t have a programming background.

2. Ownership of the website on WordPress

WordPress is a free open-source website production platform/website management system, which means that users have full ownership of the website such as images, texts, databases, etc.

Compared with other blogging platforms, web hosting platforms, or one-page website builder platforms, the biggest advantage of WordPress is that users can have ownership of all the data, functions, and files of the website structure, your website business will not be affected due to bankruptcy of the website builder platform. You can transfer your content elsewhere at any time.

3. Website diversity

More than 1/3 websites are currently using WordPress including e-commerce websites, image websites, personal blogs, teaching platforms, big brands official websites, etc. You can see how easy and user-friendly WordPress is!

4. Customizable with low cost

WordPress has many free themes and extensions (plug-in) for you to use, there are also paid premium version plug-ins and themes for you to change your website looks. WordPress functions are constantly updated and added so you can style and customize a website with your ideas and run it at a low cost even if you don’t know anything about coding!

5. The immense WordPress Community, ready to support

WordPress is an open-source platform with people all over the world contributing to it and making it better. There is a lot of free advice and support on various forums from technicians and volunteers. Yuan-Jhen also provides related articles for users to read, go check it out! Yuan-Jhen’s Blog

6. WordPress help to optimize SEO

Google has publicly stated that websites with a complete system like WordPress are conducive to the algorithm recognition of search engines. The WordPress website not only supports responsive web design (RWD) and permanent link settings but also provides plugins such as breadcrumbs, SEO Ultimate, All-In-One-SEO-Pack, Platinum SEO Pack, Yoast WordPress SEO, etc.

WordPress website performance optimization – WordPress hosting

1. Start with WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is an open-source system that has many frameworks for you to choose from to save you the time of website design. You can get the function you need like WooCommerce through the WordPress plugin system, and those which will better meet WordPress performance and security needs.

Yuan-Jhen WordPress hosting provides one-click installation, auto-update, and various website functions to help you to build your website in a sec. It is suitable for companies that is lacking IT staff. Yuan-Jhen provides 24-hour expert technical support and has backup and restore functions in cPanel, when there is a problem with the update, you will no longer be in a bustle, it is easy to immediately back up and restore the machine. WordPress maintenance has never been easier! It is the best choice for an eCommerce website!

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2. Speed up the WordPress website

Yuan-Jhen WordPress hosting uses LiteSpeed Web Server, which can lower the loadings in half to achieve a faster loading speed without sacrificing performance and compatibility. It will also clear the cache automatically, reducing CPU consumption.

3. Free SSL Certificate for WordPress website

Google Chrome 93 currently uses Https-only mode, which is the HTTPS priority mechanism. Google has listed HTTPS connections as an important SEO ranking factor. If your WordPress website does not have an SSL certificate installed, your WordPress website will display a “Not Secure” warning when visitors visit your website.

Yuan-Jhen web hosting or WordPress Hosting has a built-in free SSL Certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt authority, install it in just one click and it will be activated in 60 seconds, there is no need to apply for dedicated independent IP when using it. Let’s Encrypt SSL auto-renewal every 3 months and will get you informed with the email address signed in cPanel.

4. Update PHP to a newer version

WordPress is written in PHP and there are different versions of PHP, and the newer versions of PHP are much more performance-optimized than older versions and can run smoothly. Yuan-Jhen supports PHP 5.4~5.6;7.0~8 version.

5. Automatic picture compression

Pictures are one of the factors that slow down the speed of web pages. Yuan-Jhen’s automatic picture compression optimization technology allows you to upload pictures as much as you like, even if you forget to compress the pictures, the background automatic processing makes your website no longer lag!

6. Database tuning

As for the performance tuning of WordPress, the database is a very important factor. Yuan-Jhen WordPress hosting provides database tuning technology, improving your website optimization without digging into coding.

7. Increase information security

Yuan-Jhen WordPress Hosting plans include a free WAF firewall and free malware scanning, which adds a protective measure to block potential vulnerabilities for the website, reduces the chance of hacking, protects the personal information of the website, consolidates the trust with customers.

Yuan-Jhen WordPress Hosting Offers and Services:

  • From now on, purchasing hosting from Yuan-Jhen for the first time can enjoy a 25% discount for the first year(applies to the annual payment only).
    We also provide a free hosting transfer service for those who want to transfer to Yuan-Jhen from other hosting providers.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • 24-hour expert support

  • Complete backup system: Daily differential backup (30 copies), on 1st of each month differential backup (2 copies).