Offshore Hosting Recommendations – 5 Free Trial Offshore Web Hosting

Why do you need to an offshore hosting provider service for your website? This blog will discover the reasons and recommence 5 offshore for your listing to consider which one is more suitable for your website. These are US web hosting, Hong Kong web hosting, Japan web hosting, Singapore web hosting, and Taiwan web hosting. All are local data centers, and free trials are available. The following introduces 5 offshore web hosting plan recommendations and how to choose a server.

Offshore web hosting recommendation

Hong Kong web hosting

Hong Kong web hosting adopts a CN2 server, and a data center is located in the Hong Kong International Data Center in Kowloon Bay. Linux SSD web hosting is directly connected to China Telecom and China Unicom. Hong Kong web hosting is exempt from the China ICP license; Hong Kong web hosting is recommended for the website for the Chinese market.

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Japan web hosting

The Japan SSD shared hosting server is in the IBM Japan Tokyo International Data Center. Japan web hosting’s data center is equipped with top-level backup and standardized Pod design, and data transmission is more efficient worldwide. Japan shared hosting is recommended for developing Northeast Asian market websites!

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Singapore web hosting

The Singapore SSD web hosting server room is in the IBM Singapore International Data Center. Singapore is one of the fastest Internet countries in the world and has an international exchange network. It also bears the storage capacity of most third-party data centers in Southeast Asia and overseas connection quality. Singapore web hosting plans are recommended for websites in the Southeast Asian market with the advantage of being fast and stable.

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US web hosting

The US data center is located in Los Angeles, USA, Peering Chunghwa Telecom US node, the overseas connection speed is fast, the US virtual host is recommended to expand the European and American market websites!

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Taiwan web hosting

The server room of Taiwan’s virtual host is located in FarEasTone. Linux web hosting with SSD enterprise can deliver incredibly high read and high-performance and improve website loading speed. Optical fiber is directly connected to Chunghwa Telecom HiNet, BGP optimized routing, without a third-party ISP. This plan is suitable for hosting your website, which most of the customer is in Asia.

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4 important factors to buying an offshore hosting, overseas web hosting solutions

1. Server Location

Choosing web hosting in a local server room can reduce the number of international nodes and make the website connection faster! If you want to build a website and most of the website visitors come from Europe and the United States, you can choose a US web hosting plan; you can select Taiwan web hosting or Japan web hosting to develop the Northeast Asian market.

Mainly you are looking for a hosting provider to host your website, which serves the Chinese market, and user visitors, most of them coming from China; Hong Kong web hosting is the best choice for your case. Due to the cumbersome regulations such as applying for an ICP filing, which is ICP filing is a must for hosting websites in China, most companies will choose a better solution is purchasing a Hong Kong web hosting plan. Yuan Jhen Hong Kong web hosting with local CN2 server, directly connected to China Telecom and China Unicom, the website connection speed is fast and free of China ICP recordal!

If you want to build a website to join a new market – The southeast Asian market, it is recommended that you use Singapore web hosting plans. Singapore web hosting has international bandwidth and is one of the world’s top ten high-speed network architectures. The overseas connection speed is fast and stable, and Singapore web hosting is recommended to host websites for visitors from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and other markets.

2. Hosting provider customer service

You can naturally consider offshore hosting companies if you can communicate in English. If you need Chinese communication, then consider Taiwan hosting companies. In addition to solving the customer’s web hosting problem, there will be fewer communication problems in language communication!

3. Overseas web hosting fees

The marketing tactics of many web hosting companies will advertise very cheap subscription fees. Still, when you are at the final page to check out your cart, you will find that it is the lowest price when you purchase for long-term billing, for several years at a time, and the hosting fee will return to the original cost when the contract is renewed. There is no cheaper at all, and some web hosting providers do not provide monthly payment services, which is very insecure for websites that are not sure whether the hosting stability or specifications are suitable for your own anymore.

Yuan Jhen web hosting prices will not be increased or changed when renewing the plan. We do provide monthly payment plans. If users pay annually, they can also be offered 2 months using service free and other deals. Free trials are provided for web hosting within 15 days and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied so that customers can choose the web host that best meets your website needs!

4. Types of web hosting

There are more specifications to choose from according to the website requirements. In addition to providing multi-country overseas virtual hosting, Yuan Jhen also introduces different types of web hosting and various solution specifications for your demand.

Single domain or Multiple domain Web Hosting

A single domain web hosting is a web host that can only host one website suitable for users, such as setting up a personal website or an official corporate website.

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Multiple domain web hosting

Multiple domain web hosting can host different domain names to point to various websites, meaning multiple web hosting can host several independent websites and easily manage multiple websites simultaneously in the duplicate hosting accounts. It is suitable for web design companies or users who need to manage multiple websites.

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WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a web hosting designed for WordPress websites. Yuan Jhen WordPress Hosting integrated one-click installation/update/backup/restore WordPress. It also has built-in various popular website optimization functions to help users set up WordPress websites easily and quickly!

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Reseller web hosting

The backend of the web hosting with WHM can be used by customers who need to manage multiple web hosting accounts. It is rare in Taiwan and is not limited to MySQL database, FTP, email, and additional domains. Reseller web hosting plans are recommended for web design companies or if you want to earn money online with web hosting reseller plans. Yuan Jhen provides white label hosting, allowing you to create your brand hosting company without having to incur server costs.

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Free additional services for offshore web hosting

New users who purchase web hosting for the first time or transfer websites from other hosting providers to Yuan Jhen can enjoy a 25% discount for the first year and receive NT150 credit; Web hosting includes these additional services:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free website malware scanner
  • Free subdomain
  • cPanel console multi-language
  • 24x7x356 expert technical customer service
  • 24x7x356 Red Hat Certified Engineers monitor and maintain host system status
  • High-assurance backup mechanism
  • Free website migrate service or free trial hosting service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free IPv6
  • Built-in cloud acceleration

Free trial of offshore web hosting

Yuan Jhen web hosting provides a free trial for 15 days. After purchasing a web hosting plan on Yuan Jhen’s official website, you can activate the free trial service of hosting through SMS, and there is no need for a tedious application process! For more detailed hosting specifications, don’t hesitate to contact us at or consult with online customer service.