Advantage of using Hong Kong hosting to build a China website

1. No China ICP Requirement for Hong Kong Web Hosting

What is ICP?

ICP is short for Internet Content Provider. ICP is a license issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT) that allows China-based websites to operate in the country legally. With an ICP license, you can host your website on service in China, and it’s required for all types of websites, including e-commerce websites and non-commercial websites.

What is an ICP filing & an ICP license?

MITT issues ICP into two different types of ICP numbers:

ICP filing is for non-commercial website service, which provides information purely and is not involved in sales and commercials like personal blogs.

ICP license is for commercial website service, which offers goods and services to customers. Whatever your website is, you must receive this license if you want your site to go live, and people can access it.


2. Data Center based in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well connected to Asia’s key market and is an ideal location for businesses with convenient transport connections. Web hosting data center based in Hong Kong provides a stable and high-speed server, suitable for expanding China, Southeast Asia, and other Asia locations’ markets.

Hong Kong Web Hosting from Yuan Jhen Information, server room located in Kowloon Bay Hong Kong International Data Center, is directly connected to China Telecom and China Unicom. There is no need to obtain an ICP filing or ICP license. Yuan Jhen provides low-budget hosting plans, no hidden price. Best option to start your e-commerce site or your brand overseas.


3. Fast and Stable CN2 Line Server

CN2 stands for ChinaNet Next Carrying Network, which is abbreviated as CNCN (CN2). It is China Telecom’s next-generation network, which means that CN2 has more advanced technology, higher priority, less network congestion, faster connection speed than the current telecom backbone network, and an excellent service network.

According to QoS (Quality of Service), to ensure the network is fast and smooth, CN2 lines have high priority, fast, and unblock during peak times. Due to these advantages, the cost of the CN2 lines becomes more expensive. Not many hosting providers offer this service to customers.

Hong Kong hosting solutions from Yuan Jhen with CN2 server can quickly and directly connect to China and Hong Kong, enjoy high stability at an affordable price.


4. Great Tips To Choose A Hong Kong Hosting Plan For Your Website

⑴. High speed and stable network with Hong Kong server

Yuan Jhen Hong Kong virtual hosting with SSD server, high performance, more powerful and faster than traditional HDD storage. 24-hour system service monitoring and resource monitoring. When system service does not work normally, the engineer will immediately assist and deal with it to minimize the impact.

⑵. Hong Kong International Data Center (IDC)

The server’s location should consider the region of the target audience to reduce the international node and increase the connection speed. If your website is focused on Chinese users, Hong Kong hosting packages is the best option for you. Yuan Jhen also provides Taiwan, US, Singapore, and Japan local server rooms that conform to ISO standards.

⑶. 24/7/365 Technical Support

The professional technical team is on call 24/7/365, Yuan Jhen’s engineers are qualified with RHCE, providing you the most proficient IT service.
Service hotline: +886 2 4499-343
Support mail:
Or connect with us through the Online Contact Form.

⑷. Affordable Hosting Plan

Pay month-to-month web hosting plan is available at Yuan Jhen. You can pay monthly, but with a yearly subscription, you will ẹnoy two months free. New users who purchase a hosting plan from Yuan Jhen or transfer to Yuan Jhen can get a 25% discount for the first year. No hidden fees for all hosting plans at Yuan Jhen.


5. High-quality Hong Kong Shared Hosting Additional Services

Yuan Jhen’s Hong Kong hosting packages, goes with your business growth, help you flexibly use website space resources, and has many built-in pre-installed programs. Multi-application installation takes only 30 seconds. Free built-in SSL, subdomain, malware scanner,15-day free trial, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yuan Jhen also supports:

  • My SQL database 5.6~5.7
  • PHP 5.4~5.6;7.0~8 (for below 5.3, please submit an application)
  • Malware scanning
  • Graphical interface:cPanel + multiple language theme
  • PHP Library:GD、ImageMagick、cURL 、memcached、ionCube
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Complete backup system: Daily differential backup (30 copies), on 1st of each month differential backup (2 copies).


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