Tips To Choose The Best Web Hosting Provider

Some popular hosting providers are using the price difference strategy to attract those who are intending to buy a web hosting plan. Most of their package price looks low but some hidden fee exists and your web hosting will be overpriced when renewed.


1. The differences between renewal and signup prices of web hosting plans

Most of the popular hosting providers published plans at a really low price, but there is no option but to engage for a long-term contract, which means that this price only happens if you prepay for three years or even longer. Although looking for the cheapest price plans is a way you can potentially save a lot of money, the point is you don’t know how good this hosting provider is. When your site is stuck with them for several years but you’ve found other plans that suit your needs, you will have to wait till the contract ends or migrate with no refund. There is no option for signing up for 1 month, most basic plans offer at least 1 year or more. When you renew, you’re going to pay more, the billing might jump by more than double what you paid for the first sign-up.


2. Features of Web Hosting plan

Many web hosting may seem to offer similar services with variations in price. But after comparing, you’ll see significant differences. Not all hosting providers offer the same levels of service such as storage, features, stability, scalability, security, and support. Most hosting providers these days prefer using fancy words like “unlimited” and “unmetered” to descript the disk space, bandwidth, parked domain, subdomain, email of the packages, to mislead customers. Since these unlimited values are actually limited in the terms of service, you might receive an email asking you to reduce usage if you exceed the real usage limit. If your site becomes a viral hit, you’re probably going to have to pay more to keep your site running.


3. Why should you choose Yuan-Jhen Information as your web hosting provider?


⑴. Reliable web hosting service

Yuan-Jhen Information doesn’t use misleading words to confuse customers, each plan’s resource is described clearly on the website, which helps you to estimate whether a plan meets your needs easier. The plans we offer will have all of the resources necessary for customer usage. The price remains unchanged for both new registration and renewal. You can sign up for monthly payment with all packages, the price is the same with annual payment, you will even get a 2 months free discount for annual payment !


Although we don’t offer a 1-year free domain with the plan, our domain registration price has no hidden fee and remains unchanged. For your website, especially a business website, a domain name is the most important thing you will need, so you will rarely register a domain for just 1 year, that is to say, it is unreasonable if you get a 1-year free domain but renewal fees jump up to double. In Yuan-Jhen, you don’t need to worry about being charged more than you expect !


⑵. Free trial web hosting, free website migration and money-back guarantee

Yuan-Jhen offers a 15-day free trial by SMS, no payment is needed to test the speed and the resource whether it meets your needs. If you decide to choose Yuan-Jhen as your new hosting provider, we will offer a free website migration (no trial is provided). After completing the payment, you will also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to cancel the subscription later on.


⑶. Security

Yuan-Jhen obtained ISO27001 Certification, which is an international standard on how to manage information security. We also provide 24x7x365 support from Certified Red Hat technical teams to ensure your website works just fine!


⑷. Location servers

Yuanjhen provides Taiwan, US, HK, Singapore, and Japan local server rooms, to reduce the international node and increase the connection speed. If your website focuses on American users, you can consider US web hosting to reach your website target.


When choosing the web hosting provider, the price will be the priority consideration, however, the server quality, features, support and refund policy also needed to be concerned.