Cloud Hosting – What is Cloud Server? Cloud Hosting Cost and Services

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a hosting that users can enjoy exclusive hosting space and resources of several servers. Unlike traditional hosting, cloud hosting plans run a website in a virtual environment, with greater flexibility and scalability to adjust resources and specifications. The cost of cloud hosting is based on how much traffic using per month, the pay-as-you-go payment model.

Cloud hosting services recommendation

Yuan Jhen cloud hosting services offer free up to 3 TB traffic, the number of VMs is not billed, and three free Elasticsearch snapshot backups. The cloud hosting has millions of router dual redundancy and BGP optimized routing! Buy cloud hosting at Yuan Jhen without a binding contract, and the account will activate quickly.

Cloud hosting services recommendation - Cloud Server

Cloud Server

The high flexibility of cloud hosting is because that uses the resources of several clustered servers, and your website uses the virtual resources of several servers.

The resource specifications of each cloud server are independent but also related to each other. The cloud hosting will use the resources (such as RAM, CPU, and disk space) allocated to these cloud servers, thus avoiding the transfer of CPU power or RAM availability. The cloud hosting has multiple servers and distributes the load evenly to all nodes if one of the cloud servers fails or the traffic limit has been reached. So now, another cloud server is already ready to take over, thus ensuring that the website will always maintain work stability, faster performance, and higher security. It is also one reason why companies consider using cloud servers as the first choice.

Cloud Hosting Cost

The price of cloud hosting depends on how much the resources are used, so it will not cause the trouble of running out of resources and save money and resources. There is no need to constantly upgrade or replace the host specifications, affecting the website’s operation. You only need to pay for the multi-use resources if you overuse cloud hosting.

Yuan Jhen cloud hosting offers free up to 3 TB traffic, the number of VMs is not billed, and three free Elasticsearch snapshot backups are provided. It has millions of router dual redundancy and BGP optimized routing! Purchase cloud hosting is free of contract and is on-demand billing.

Who needs cloud hosting?

  • Event website
  • E-commerce website
  • Large company website
  • Enterprise applications such as ERP
  • Mobile Apps

Reasons why you should choose Cloud Hosting (Cloud Server)?

  • Speed up page loading
  • Effectively save bandwidth
  • Improve website stability
  • Improve website security

Buy a Cloud Hosting plan

Taiwan cloud hosting must provide an application form and attach dual documents. Please refer to the following instructions:

1. Instructions for filling in the application form: You need to fill in “User Information” and “Contact Information” please check the plan specifications, authorization, and other related services you want to apply for. Please affix your private seal or signature).

2. Dual documents

  • Company account: Company establishment registration form (or change registration form) + a copy of the front and back of the person in charge of the ID card.
  • Individual households: Copy of applicant’s ID card + health insurance card (or driver’s license).
  • Legal entity: Legal person registration certificate + a copy of the front and back of the person in charge of the ID card.

* If urgent, fax the application form and dual-certificate information to +886 2 81926457 or email to After confirming that the document is complete, our staff will create your account and generate a bill for cloud hosting. After the payment is successful, the device will be configured. Once the hosting is activated, we will send an order confirmation letter to your email.

* If the applicant fails to provide or provides incorrect or incomplete information, the company reserves the final decision on the use or cancellation of the hosting.

3. The hard copy of the contract needs to be mailed to 23586, 12th Floor, No. 866-11, Zhongzheng Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City [Yuan Jhen Information Customer Service Department] within two weeks after the hosting is activated.

Cloud Server Services

You are welcome to view the detailed specifications and functions through the cloud hosting page. If you have more inquiries, please call +886 2 4499-343 or consult with our online customer service.

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