Web Hosting Comparison and The Best Web Hosting Service Provider for 2022

Yuan-Jhen provides all rounded web hosting services including virtual hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and colocation. This article will tell you the comparison details of the price, manageability, scalability, performance, and usability of those web hosting for you to find out the best solution for your website!


1. Web hosting price comparison

Web hostingLarge space and high traffic with a low price!
VPS hostingThe price is a bit higher than virtual hosting, but cheaper than dedicated hosting.
Dedicated hostingA higher price than VPS hosting since it can access complete server resources.
Cloud hostingAccess complete system resources, pay as you use.
ColocationPutting your own server in the IDC of the service provider reduces the cost of equipment maintenance and IT staff.

2. Web hosting specification comparison

Web hosting manageability

Web hostingSecurity comes first. The modules, components, and software installed in the environment deployment have been evaluated by engineers. No self-manage is provided, but it is with higher security.
VPS hostingThe VPS hosting has the highest authority administrator account (root/administrator ) just like the dedicated hosting. Users can customize the system environment, configure and install software programs.
Dedicated hostingDedicated hosting has an account with the highest authority ( Root for Linux /Administrator for Windows ). Users can customize the system environment, install the required programs, and configure the hosting BIOS according to their needs.
Cloud hostingCloud hosting is to link multiple servers in one internet, it is with high manageability and scalability, perfect for users with high traffic or seasonal needs.
ColocationThe customer has the highest authority to manage, add and delete equipment. We also provide a hosting reboot service, customers can request the company’s personnel to accompany them into the server room for maintenance, once a week for three hours each time.

Web hosting scalability

Web hostingTo ensure the stability and performance of the equipment, our engineers will update, maintain, and replace the old hosting regularly. Currently, the new web hosting uses mainstream specifications, but users cannot choose to add or delete equipment, as well as time changes. However, an upgrade is available.
VPS hostingVPS hosting can be upgraded with plans or additional purchases: TW-VPS-S can be upgraded to full specifications. Additional purchase: Hard disk space, CPU, or memory can be purchased limitedly. However, With no expanded interface ( PCI/PCI-E ), the upgrade is restricted.
Dedicated hostingThe apparatus of dedicated hosting can be directly replaced to achieve the effect of comprehensive specifications upgrade. The CPU/RAM/HDD/RAID can be upgraded according to your needs.
Cloud hostingCPU, RAM, or even hard disk can be expanded. To prevent external attacks or large traffic, the price will go according to the usage.
ColocationCustomers can upgrade the hardware according to their own needs, and can flexibly apply to increase the cabinet space and traffic.

Web hosting performance

Web hostingWeb hosting is a multi-user environment, CloudLinux is installed to ensure that the resources used by users are independent ( CPU, RAM, etc. ) and will not affect each other. The available resources are the minimal of all hosting services, but under normal operation, several websites can be set up, so you don’t need to worry about resources.
VPS hostingVPS hosting has independent CPU computing resources and memory. However, because the hosting hardware uses a virtualized structure, the performance is still slightly inferior to the dedicated hosting of the same specifications.
Dedicated hostingThe performance is higher than the VPS hosting and several times higher than the web hosting. It is suitable for users who set up large websites.
Cloud hostingCloud Host supports loading balancing, provides high availability and network functions for applications programs, as well as global CDN services, making good use of the fast, wide-area, highly secure, and programmable content delivery network (CDN).
ColocationThe equipment owns independent resources, and the system optimized by the customer is related to the hardware equipment. It is suitable for users who own their own servers and manage large-scale websites.

Web hosting usability

Web hostingThe web hosting adopts WHM/cPanel console and provides cPanel. You can set up email boxes, databases, etc. We also provide WHM/cPanel back-end operation instruction to assist you.
VPS hostingThe VPS hosting uses a dedicated console interface. Users can log in for the power management ( power on/off/reboot ), connect to the hosting through the VNC interface, and re-install the operating system. VPS hosting and dedicated hosting do not include management services, users must have the ability to manage Windows / Linux operating systems. If you have no system engineer and use the Linux operating system ( RedHat/CentOS ), you can purchase hosting management services provided by our company.
Dedicated hostingThe dedicated hosting provides an IPMI interface, users can log in for power management (power-on, power-off, reboot), and mount the ISO to reinstall the operating system. The dedicated hosting does not include management services, users must have the ability to manage Windows/Linux operating systems. If you have no system engineer and use the Linux operating system ( RedHat/CentOS ), you can purchase hosting management services provided by our company.
Cloud hostingThe cloud host has independent system resources, and users can log in to control the resource management. The cloud host is with no management service, users must have the ability to manage Windows/Linux operating systems. If users have no system engineer and are using the Linux operating system (RedHat/CentOS), a host management service can be purchased from Yuan-Jhen.
ColocationUsers must have the ability to manage Windows/Linux systems.

Web hosting recommendations

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