domain name

What exactly is a domain?

Customers can connect to our website through a domain name because each website will have a set of IP addresses, which can also allow people to connect to the website. However, because IP addresses are long and difficult to remember, most websites will provide visitors with domain names.

If you want to learn more about domains and their structures, you can read this What is URLs, domains, subdomains.

The advantages of a domain name?

Once you connect to a website using its IP address, the website’s IP address is displayed directly, making it easy to hack. The search engine does not include the website’s IP address, making it even more difficult for visitors to remember. The IP address is a long string of numbers, so use a domain to solve the problems mentioned above. Using a domain can also improve the customer’s impression of your website or brand, make it easier to understand your product attributes, and increase professionalism and memory points.

registra domain name

How to update Whois contact information

You can query the application information of the domain through WHOIS, such as the NS record of the domain, the domain registration time, the domain registrar, the domain expiration date, and the domain owner. WHOIS information is available to the public. You can modify your domain application information by following the steps below:

Step 1: Access the Customer Center.

You can access the customer service center by visiting Yuan Jhen’s website.

yuan jhen customer center
yuanjhen whmcs customer center

Step 2: Navigate to the domain management page.

To access the domain management page, click “Domains” and “My Domains.”

my domain whmcs

Step 3: Choose the domain where you want to change the data.

Choose the domain you want to edit information from, then click “Manage Domain” at the bottom to access the domain management page.

domain name setting

Step 4: Modify the contact information for the domain.

Scroll down the domain management page of your choice and click “Update WHOIS contact information for your domain,” where you can change the WHOIS information.

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